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About Muna Kalati Magazine

Muna Kalati Mag is an online magazine and promotional platform for writers, publishers and illustrators of books for African children and youth, as well as for librarians, teachers, publishers, advertisers and parents.

It contains valuable information on African and international publishing markets, competitions, professional opportunities, resources, conferences and festivals, as well as interviews with industry professionals, editorial boards and special articles where creators share their journey to publication. Quality book reviews, resources and articles are available on this website.

Muna Kalati believes in promoting books for African children in all their diversity. Books can be fun, documentary, educational, educational, pedagogical, humorous, historical, conflictual, unusually constructed, illustrated or a fascinating combination of these and many other styles. Most importantly, books must be read and appreciated. The objective of this magazine is to contribute to the promotion and distribution of children’s books.

1.        Promotion 

The aim here is to inform the public about everything related to books and reading for young people in Africa. You will therefore be able to find on this site, all the latest news on the life of the children’s book both in terms of activities (interviews, interviews, analyses) of literary events (competitions, festivals…) and programmes.

The Muna Kalati Magazine :

Every quarter, we will publish Muna Kalati Magazine, a summary of current events in the field of children’s and youth books, mainly in Africa and Cameroon. In this magazine, we will unambiguously set out our positions, which are by no means consensual. Our positions are not there to affirm a truth, a dogma, but rather to feed the debate and enrich it with divergent or complementary points of view. We are therefore waiting for readers to take a stand and actively participate in this adventure.
Children’s literature will be at the heart of this publication, but we hope that it will not be alone. In fact, we believe that the entire book industry is important to analyze. Its place is often considered, by the greatest number, as negligible in our modes of communication. One of the objectives of MUNA KALATI MAG will be to “reconstitute” its essential functions and analyse its diversity. We hope that this publication can contribute to the enhancement of humanity.

2.       Diffusion

How can you choose books if you can’t see them, if you don’t know what they’re talking about? African books for young people are not well known, their distribution is experiencing difficulties… Part of our mission is to present you the editions available especially for young people:

  • Either published by African publishing houses;
  • Either African authors or of African origin;
  • Either from traditional African stories.