How to Make Reading a Hobby for your Little One ?

On October 27, 2021 was held an experience sharing around the theme “how to make reading a hobby in your little one?” The organizer of the activity Nadine Mekougoum, sociologist and promoter of Harambee Africa shared her experience on the issue, on the Facebook page, Parents 2.0. She focused on her experience gained through exchanges with some families and her active participation in the Read’arts workshops. She came up with a few tips that parents can use.

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Children’s Book Review: Look up! by Jen Thorpe/ Lauren Nel

Jen Thorpe wrote the book “LOOK UP”. Jen Thorpe is a South African researcher and a feminist writer. She has worked with international and local organizations on gender equality issues. Look Up is one of her children’s books that is insightful and attention-grabbing, a book intended for the younger reader. The design and illustrations of […]

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