Christian Elongué, Parenting

How can children books help in raising confident kids? – Lessons from Festival Saint-Petersburg Book Lighthouse

Christian Elongué gave a public talk on the topic “Who is the true alpha of the family?”, during the festival “Saint-Petersburg Book Lighthouse” moderated by Nadezhda Filimonova and Evgeniia Trofimova from the Kronshtadt children’s library in Russia. Elongué thus explained that parenting styles must be adapted and personnalised to the kids and teens personality. There is no one right way to raise a child. It’s important to focus on balancing priorities, juggling responsibilities and quickly flipping between the needs of children, other family members and yourself.

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How did Muna Kalati started ? – Conversation with the founder

It was at university with the pan-African associative movements and my Master’s degree in “Africa and Globalization” that I discovered the rich African past and became aware of my cultural alienation. I knew more about the history of France, Great Britain and Belgium than that of Cameroon and I realized that the books of my childhood had largely contributed to it. I realized that children’s and youth literature was a powerful tool for building the imagination and identity of young Africans, for reducing illegal immigration and low civic and patriotic awareness. But I realized with regret that African children’s books were little known and accessible. The authors of books for adults were more publicized, celebrated and promoted than those of children’s literature, which was considered a marginal field, a ghetto or a sector of little interest reserved for amateur authors.

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Muna Kalati advocated for more diversity in global children literature at IBBY Russia 2021

From the 9th to 12 September 2021, Muna Kalati was represented through its Director Christian Elongué at the 37th Ibby Children’s Book International Congress In Moscow, under the theme «Great Big World Through Children’s Books: National and Foreign Literature — Role, Value, Impact on Young Readers in Different Countries». It was an opportunity to explore diversity of themes, characters, issues in children’s literature of the world, to discuss cultural variety which doesn’t prevent them from interweaving and interacting.

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Christian Elongué, Executive Director Of Muna Kalati named in 2021 ILA Global list of Literacy champions

Christian Elongué, our executive Director, is one of 30 literacy leaders named to the International Literacy Association’s (ILA) 2021 30 Under 30 list. The global list celebrates rising innovators, disruptors and visionaries in the literacy field. Christian Elongué is an author and researcher on children and young adult literature. Dismayed by a lack of black characters in books available to African children, Christian founded in 2017 with the goal of building international recognition for African children’s book authors and increasing access to African children books.

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Introduction à la littérature jeunesse au Cameroun

« Introduction à la littérature jeunesse du Cameroun » : écrire la jeunesse pour rajeunir l’écriture.

Introduction à la littérature jeunesse du Cameroun, livre de 207 pages est l’un des plus récents ouvrages de recherche sur la littérature de jeunesse en Afrique francophone sorti chez L’Harmattan France en 2019. Son auteur est Ngnaoussi Elongué Cédric Christian, un chercheur et promoteur culturel d’origine camerounaise mais à l’identité afropolitaine. Ce livre est une véritable propédeutique à l’univers en friche de la littérature de jeunesse au Cameroun. Tout chercheur en littérature africaine, tout acteur de l’édition, de la formation, de diffusion du livre au Cameroun gagnerait à lire ce chef d’œuvre.

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